Embracing Adventure: EF Pro Cycling and Tailfin’s Unique Partnership

Tailfin’s partnership with EF Education-EasyPost and EF Education-Cannondale Pro Cycling teams represents a first in the cycling world; a bikepacking brand working with a World Tour team. Professional road racing and bikepacking might seem worlds apart, but this collaboration couldn’t be more natural. 

Why does the collaboration exist?

Simply put it’s a match made in heaven thanks to our shared approach and ethos! Both EF Pro Cycling and Tailfin exist to push the limits, blur the lines of our respective niches, and strive to rethink the norm. 

EF Pro Cycling is making waves as the World Tour team known for its unorthodox, ‘disruptor’ approach to the race calendar – one which blends the athleticism of the peloton with a passion for globe-trotting adventure. It’s the way all professional racing outfits wish they could operate; free of constraints and limited by their imagination. Sounds familiar? If EF Pro Cycling made bikepacking gear they would be Tailfin.

We at Tailfin are known for producing equipment for those looking to get out further into the wild and expand their sense of adventure. Making gear that’s as at home on a road bike as it is on a mountain bike marries up with EF Pro Cycling’s wide-ranging race ambitions. If Tailfin was a World Tour team, it would be EF Pro Cycling!

What can you expect to see from this partnership?

As with our R&D Division, the partnership with EF Pro Cycling will be a two-way street. On a very basic level the full race squad will have access to the complete Tailfin product range to use as they see fit. This will mainly be for all the teams events on the ‘Alt-Tour’ (that being their gravel events, ultras and other challenges), for training rides when they want to carry more than just a few spares, and for use at training camps & around race villages. 

Obviously you won’t see an AeroPack at the Tour de France, think more Top Tube Packs and Frame Bags, but some of the products currently in development are certainly more race friendly. In return the feedback gained from the pros using our kit will help us improve and develop a whole new level of Tailfin equipment.

ef rider carrying his bike

Our history together

Rather than being dreamt up for social media likes, our partnership has grown organically and has been a long time in the making, given Tailfin’s long-standing collaboration with bikepacking icon and EF pro rider Lachlan Morton. Already a member of Tailfin’s R&D Division, Lachlan has helped shape and develop our products for the last few years by pushing them (and himself) to the limit. We’re proud to provide gear for all of Lachlan’s rides as he continues to push out beyond the pro peloton and into new challenges, including his recent Tour Divide ride where he bagged the unofficial fastest known time.

Our future together

EF Pro Cycling’s race calendars promise to push the boundaries of a World Tour team, with more riders taking their skills further and deeper into the wilderness. With our common goal of expanding possibilities and asking what’s possible, together, we’re set to create some beautiful rides away from the gleaming tarmac of the World Tour.

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