Creating a Classic: the Making of the Tailfin T1

When we released the first Tailfin products in April 2016, they redefined what you could expect from a pannier rack. With a lightweight carbon design, an effortless installation process, and near-universal compatibility across all kinds of road bike, it was a bold statement of our mission to create the best cycling equipment in the world.

The T1 retains all of these groundbreaking design innovations but is further refined with the knowledge and experience that comes with six months of real-world testing. We wanted to make the T1 tougher, simpler to use and versatile enough for any adventure. This is how we did it.

We always knew we wanted the T1 to provide a totally seamless user experience, one that simply made sense from the moment it came out of the box.  

Both the T1’s seat post connector and the axle mounting points now boast new latch designs that are cleaner and more intuitive than our previous models. Importantly for us, they provide reassuringly definite ‘feedback’ whenever they are fastened or unfastened, eliminating any uncertainty when mounting the rack.