Lachlan FKT Colorado Trail

A Few Thousand Hours: Lachlan’s Colorado Trail FKT

Taming the ‘beautiful beast’ known as the Colorado Trail is not an easy undertaking by any stretch of the imagination, even for seasoned riders. An average elevation of over 10,000 feet and huge sections of harsh, almost unrideable wilderness sections means the average time for completing the 537 mile route is between 15-20 days. But R&D Division rider Lachlan Morton is no average rider, and had his sights set on beating the current FKT (Fastest Known Time) of under 4 days. With only…

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Gail Brown HT550

How to win the Highland Trail 550

The dust (or mud as is usually the case) might have settled on the 2022 edition of the Highland Trail 550 (HT550) But entries for the 2023 edition open on the 26th November this year and I’m sure there are many of you that have considered attempting one of The classic off-road ultra-endurance races in the world. According to the HT550 website: The Highland Trail is a self-supported mountain bike route 550 miles in length with over 16000m of climbing….

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Silk Road Mountain Race Bike

Bike setup tips from the experts – Silk Road edition

Bike setup can be seen as a dark art, especially if you are heading into unfamiliar territories. How you set your bike up and the components you choose are critical to the success and enjoyment of your ride. This is almost exponential to the terrain and surfaces you are heading for. As expected, riding on smooth tarmac in well-populated countries has (traffic aside) fewer hazards and impacts on your bike and kit. but what if you’re heading to a mountainous…

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How to set your bike up for an event like the Highland Trail 550

It might be ‘just’ 550 miles (885km) in total length but the Highland Trail 550 packs a punch far bigger than its size thanks to the incredible ruggedness of the terrain riders need to traverse. HT550 is based on a route devised by endurance mountain bike racer Alan Goldsmith as a training ride for the Colorado Trail Race, a longer endurance race he was training for. But instead of it being consigned to being a training loop for him and…

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Bringing the heat to Rwanda. A tale of two races

Tailfin equipment tested: Prototype top tube pack | Prototype frame pack Rwanda, the small country located in the heart of the African continent, is fast becoming one of the must-visit cycling destinations for endurance gravel racers, mountain bikers and bikepackers. 2022 has seen three events take place so far including the ever popular Race around Rwanda. R&D Division rider Josh Ibbett was our man on the ground for the latest two, The Rwanda Epic and RaR. Tailfin sat down with…

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european divide

What is the European Divide Trail and why should it be on your bucket list?

The EDT is the brain child of Andy Cox @doubletrackfanatic, British cycling nomad and Tailfin product tester extraordinaire. Andy is no stranger to long distance riding having spent the last few years (barring lockdown) constantly travelling the lost lanes and dirt roads of Europe, building up an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of one of the most complex and interesting continents in the world. During the countless hours of riding Andy has experienced over his 65,000 kilometre and counting journey the inspiration…

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