lachlan with his bike

Lachlan Morton’s Tour Divide FKT* Bike check

Following on from Tailfin R&D Division rider Lachlan Morton’s incredible ride along the Tour Divide/GDMBR route, we got together with him to learn more about his bike and kit setup. You can watch the full breakdown in the video below….

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What is the Tour Divide?

The Tour Divide is often attributed as being the originator of modern off-road ultra-endurance cycling events. The Tour Divide effectively follows the Great Divide route, probably one of the most famous off-road hiking/riding routes in the world, travelling the length…

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R&D Division Bike Check: Justinas Leveika

Justinas Leveika is on a roll! After smashing his way round the Dales Divide to an emphatic victory last month he’s already followed up with another fastest time/first finisher. This most recent success came at the Seven Serpents ultra race…

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What we learned from the first Hellenic Mountain Race

Taking place for the first time in 2023 the Hellenic Mountain Race is the newest member of the ‘Mountain Race’ series. Whilst it was aimed as an introductory/transition race to the two more established races in the series (Atlas and…

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Top Tube Packs – Product Design Notes

As the home for Technical Bikepacking Equipment, we want to revolutionise how people experience adventure. We aim to create harmonious partnerships between riders and equipment, allowing them to focus on enjoying their ride and adventure. Our number one core principle…

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Gail Brown Bikepacking in Atlas Mountains Morocco

How to fuel for an ultra race

R&D Division rider Gail Brown is more than qualified to provide advice on racing an ultra, having spent the past several years ticking off some of the biggest and hardest events on the planet. In this article, Gail aims to…

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10 Lessons Learned from the Atlas Mountain Race

There’s no escaping the fact that the Atlas Mountain Race is one of the toughest challenges in the world of endurance racing. Circumnavigating nearly 1,400 kilometres through the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, this year, the racers had to battle…

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Training tips from the experts

As riders and racers, we all know the importance of being fit, setting goals and staying motivated to achieve positive results for the year ahead. While most of us will slip if we set very strict resolutions, sticking to simple,…

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A guide to the Hellenic Mountain Race

What is the Hellenic Mountain Race? In this guide, we talk to organiser Nelson Trees about why he chose Greece as the location for the third of his Mountain Race series, talking through his recommendations for which bike is best…

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