Crossing Continents

JaBig loves riding bikes. To be honest, that observation is what you might call an understatement when describing the Rwandan-born Canadian DJ! His quietly refined manner gives nothing away about his passion for travelling and experiencing life on two wheels. JaBig’s current tour, a six-month circular route around the United States, is a journey of three levels. Whilst the focus is on it being a ride to raise money for charity, it’s also part sightseeing tour and part long-distance commute…

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How to set your bike up for an event like the Highland Trail 550

It might be ‘just’ 550 miles (885km) in total length but the Highland Trail 550 packs a punch far bigger than its size thanks to the incredible ruggedness of the terrain riders need to traverse. HT550 is based on a route devised by endurance mountain bike racer Alan Goldsmith as a training ride for the Colorado Trail Race, a longer endurance race he was training for. But instead of it being consigned to being a training loop for him and…

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designed to work with bags

Cage Packs and Cargo Straps. The story behind designing the perfect system

“A system is a group of interacting or interrelated elements that act according to a set of rules to form a unified whole.” Rhubarb and custard, salt and pepper, cheese and pickle, Tom and Jerry, Laurel and Hardy; are there any more iconic pairings in life? We have our iconic pairings in the bikepacking world, and right at the top of the list are cargo cages and dry bags. It’s common knowledge that this pairing is one of the most…

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Bringing the heat to Rwanda. A tale of two races

Tailfin equipment tested: Prototype top tube pack | Prototype frame pack Rwanda, the small country located in the heart of the African continent, is fast becoming one of the must-visit cycling destinations for endurance gravel racers, mountain bikers and bikepackers. 2022 has seen three events take place so far including the ever popular Race around Rwanda. R&D Division rider Josh Ibbett was our man on the ground for the latest two, The Rwanda Epic and RaR. Tailfin sat down with…

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Introducing the R&D Division

The new Tailfin R&D Division marks the next phase in the life of Tailfin. But what is it, who’s involved and more importantly, why have we brought it to life? Tailfin has been built upon a foundation of impeccable research and development. The company’s founder, Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer Nick Broadbent, spent over a decade developing products and technology for blue-chips and startups alike, so our experience and heritage is R&D.  It only seems natural that we should have…

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How aerodynamic is your Bikepacking setup?

Wherever you look in the bike industry (especially the sections related to drop bars), one of the most commonly used buzz words is ‘aero’. The aerodynamic (or lack of) properties of a bike, component, accessory, or rider can have drastic effects on the experiences of riding a bike over any distance. The benefits of an aerodynamically optimised setup make sense for road racing or time trials but for bikepacking? Many of us are beginning to become aware that anything that…

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Fernwee Badlands

Breaking Badlands: an introduction to ultra-endurance racing

But Martijn had an itch to scratch; he had never participated in a ‘proper’ unsupported ultra-endurance race. One where the start and finish are dictated, along with the route and where the onus is on getting to the finish as fast as possible. Gaining entry into the 2021 edition of Transiberica’s Badlands race was just the start, though. It would be a journey into the unknown from a mental and physical point of view but also with regards to working…

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Tailfin Mini Pannier

Do Pannier Bags have any place in ‘modern’ bikepacking?

According to the ‘rules’ of bikepacking, pannier bags have no place on a modern setup. But why is that? Is it a fair assumption that you should never consider this form of load-carrying if you are planning on riding on anything other than tarmac? Common opinion is that pannier bags are simply not ‘cool’ and their popularity has waned. For many they are intrinsically linked with the old world image of bicycle touring alongside the Dawes Galaxy, SPD sandals and…

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