16L Mini Panniers – Product Design Notes

Carrying gear, equipment, or daily essentials on your bike is a challenge we are continually looking at in new ways, and as our customers’ needs continue to evolve, we need to continue to provide fresh approaches.

The 16-litre (16L) mini pannier represents an evolution of our existing range to provide the perfect solution for adventure, but also for city living. A pack that can get your laptop to work in one piece but also haul camping gear whilst being compact enough for the trails.

Optional Laptop Holster

Modular protection for up to 14-inch laptops, complete with zip stash pocket.

Tried-and-tested Tech

As waterproof, durable, secure and rattle-free as the rest of our pannier range.

The Goldilocks Pack

Unstoppable on the commute and minimal enough for the trails, this pack is ‘just right’ for both city and adventure.

Precious Cargo

In times when working from home is more common, those who commute by bike often need to carry a laptop. It goes without saying that these bits of kit need to reach their destination dry and safe from damage by impact. No matter how tough it is, waterproof fabric on its own won’t protect a laptop from impact if the bag is dropped onto hard ground, so, in a first for our product range, we’ve designed a removable Laptop Holster that can turn your adventure pack into a fully functional commuting tool.

The Laptop Holster effectively suspends a laptop within the bag, creating a gap between the laptop and the bottom of the bag, creating a false floor much like those found in high-end backpacks. If the pannier were to be dropped (or even placed down overenthusiastically), the structure of the pannier would hit the ground first and take some of the force out of the impact, ensuring the laptop doesn’t contact anything hard.

Laptop Holster (sold separately)
(Laptop case not included)

Made of elastic and soft fabric, the Laptop Holster is designed to be used with a laptop case which will keep the laptop protected from the other contents of the bag. On the outside of the Laptop Holster is a useful zipped organiser pocket for everyday essentials.

Modularity is a common theme here at Tailfin, and the removable Laptop Holster gives the versatility you need to make this bag just right in town or on the trail. Not everyone needs to carry a laptop of course, so we won’t be providing the Laptop Holster as standard – it is available as an optional extra that is easy to fit, requiring no tools to install, and can instantly convert your bag from vital storage on your adventure rig to a versatile, commuter-friendly and dependable part of your daily life.

Perfectly Formed

We didn’t just design this bag for the commute. It’s as adventure-ready as any of our other products and designed to take whatever you can throw at (or in) it. Without having to create a laptop-shaped base for the bottom of the pannier, we could make the bag less boxy, allowing sufficient clearance for your heels during a pedal stroke to eliminate the dreaded ‘heel strike’ associated with large or boxy pannier bags. Just like our 5 and 10L Mini Panniers, the 16Ls are shaped to create a minimal profile, reducing the risk of snagging on tight trails.

If it ain’t broke…

The hardware on the pannier bag is our tried-and-tested X-Clamp system (found on all of our current pannier bags) – a rock-solid clamping mechanism that creates an almost seamless connection between rack and bag, operated with a solid and satisfying single-finger lock/release cam lever. 

Similarly, we used our proven dual-material pannier bag construction consisting of durable Hypalon laminate used in all high-wear areas and a lighter-weight, more flexible ripstop nylon in the upper portion of the bag which allows for easier rolling and flexible load carrying.

Also as with our previous panniers, the 16Ls ship with four additional T-Hook compression straps (two pairs). These can be attached to the side of the packs either vertically or horizontally, and offer additional functionality. The pack can either be closed like a traditional roll-top dry bag with a single clip at the top for simplicity and ease of use. Or, by utilising a pair of the T-Hook compression strap sets, the pack can be closed with a clip down each side – reducing load volume quickly and efficiently. The T-Hook compression straps can also be attached horizontally to provide further compression or for attaching additional items to the front of the bags.

To find out more about the range, head to the product pages below.